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Tourism industry in French Polynesia

Tourism is one of the most important industries of this region.
Besides that, 25% of the stays in this part of the world are made by couples on their honeymoon.

This destination is associated with luxury, and it is a one-life experience for most of the customers.

It also has been highlighted that clients make the choice of tightening up their budget as far as accommodation is concerned, so they can spend more on activities and excursions.

Every couple make a lagoon related activity, without exception.

Shimmering turquoise waters, stunning white sandy beaches, palm trees, coconuts, exotic music, vahines (Tahitian word for "woman") ...

Most of the activities French Polynesia offer take place in its paradisiac lagoons.

Deep diving, snorkeling, speed boat or jet ski riding, excursions to Motu island, shark feeding, 

Swimming among rays or corals, boat or canoe sailing ( glass-bottomed boats are also featured...these are some of the very wide range of activities lovers are offered to make ! 

Out concept is just unique. None of the existing tourist attractions are similar to the experience we offer our customers.

Tourists choose to travel to French Polynesia from all around the world to get stunned not only by the landscapes, but also by the wide range and quality of activities they will be offered. The unconventional, unique activity we want to provide our clients will just meet their need to discover a " one of a kind " experience in French Polynesia.


Indeed, if we listen carefully to our tourists wishes, Lov'Motu and "La Voile de Moréa" are just the perfect new treats they ask for ! 

Choose Lov'Motu and make your stay in French Polynesia one of the most unforgettable moments of your life !


Let yourself get lost in the lagoon of Moorea in French Polynesia with our LOV'MOTU : our motorless light boats.
Whether you want to spend time with the special one, to live the most romantic hoyneymoon ever, or simply to share a dream moment with the ones you love, French Polynesian Isalnds are the most magical destination in the world.

Choose Lov'Motu to experience the beauty of our lagoons, and you will enjoy breathtaking landscapes,discover the ocean infinite shades of blue you would never have thought would exist...only for you !

As if time and nature had agreeded to offer you a special moment of tranquility alone, in a little part of Heaven on Earth...

Take a ride on our LOV MOTU, and explore the most stunning lagoons of Polynesia in a luxury raft, feeling like Earth has forgot you, as if your journey was a fairytale...and you the only survivors of a shipwreck in Eden.


Your LOV’MOTU (that has a diameter of 2,5m ) is moored to an ecological anchor that has no impact on the deep sea environment.
In the inside, your boat equipment is a treasure of comfort and luxury :

Comfortable and reclinable mattress

  • MP3 Sound system with musics, or Bluetooth player to choose your own playlists and atmosphere

  • Waterproof container for your belongings

  • Removable cooling zone

  • Scale to go swimming and diving
  • Sun Visor roof that can be lowered and raised at your convenience
  • diving Mask with snorkel EasyBreath "Tribord", for a revolutionary expérience of snorkeling revolutionary


A front taste of the paradise

This floating bar will be your point and departure of return for your escapade on the Lov'Motu.

A pleasant space which will allow you to leave the fine sand before being driven vup to your privât luxury raft…a transition quite smoothly!
 For return, it will know how to welcome you and extend the magic around a glass of local fruit juice or a cocktail and some surprising fingers-food concocted by Francis Da Silva specialist of the évent cooking

A airlock of decompression before return in the reality!

This bar is not exclusively reserved for the customers of the LOV' MOTU, it can also welcome about twenty people who can come to consume on this atypical place.


Please choose the options that suit you best :

  • - For early birds or jet lagged people(!): Discover a breathtaking sunrise while enjoying a smooth cup of coffee or a fresh juice feeling blessed by Nature.

  • For our Romantic couples, let yourself get stunned contemplating our legendary Polynesian sunset sipping a glass of Champagne and tasting local exotic appetizers...

  • You are tired of sandy beaches ? Relax, savor the fruity flavors of a fresh cocktail, dive and swim in exceptionnal waters... from  your LOV’MOTU !

You can personnalise and add options to your experience :

  • For your gourmet pleasure :

    Indulge all your senses and have lunch or dinner onboard.

  • To relax :
    experience realaxion at its purest with massages on the beach

  • For unique Photographs :
    photo or videos taken with our drone camerawork

  • To be freeminded :
    let us come and pick you up from your place

  • For Romantic couples :
    « LOV’ » package  : Tiare flowers, Monoï massage oil,Coconut Champagne, Candles,LED lights, good-luck shell engraved with your names, to be thrown in the lagoon.

  • Submarine discovery driving a underwater scooter, exploring for two the gardens of Corals.


Privatizations, group journeys...Should you have any request, we are eager to hear about it ! Please let us know about your wishes and ideas !

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